Massaman Room- 10’1”x11’9"

Our Massaman room is great for live tracking. It features a floating hardwood floor with a classic shoe box shape utilizing room mode technology with non-parallel walls. It has both flat and arc style BAD panels, bass traps, clouds, skyline diffusers, QRD diffusers, Broadband absorbers, and Helmholtz bass traps in the corners.

Four-piece band recording example: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Lead Vocals

The Massaman room is ideal for tracking a drummer, guitarist and bass player. All the musicians wear headphones allowing the drummer, guitarist and bass player to hear the guitar and bass cabinets in separate isolation rooms. This allows the great feel and interaction of playing live along with advantage of attaining perfect isolation for fixing mistakes, re-cutting leads, trying out alternate takes, etc...

The singer would be in a separate isolation room allowing a pristine recording of the singer live capturing what sometimes turns out to be the best take while still allowing to comp from multiple takes or even tracking addition vocals later.