Recording in a tuned room eliminates troublesome acoustic artifacts like comb filtering, standing waves, flutter and undesirable room reverb. These are some of the hardest things to correct in the mixing and mastering process. When recording in a tuned room you will be amazed how good things sound even before mixing.

Control Room - 21’4 & 3/4” X 19’6”

Our Control Room is the perfect combination of room mode calculations and symmetry.

Incredibly accurate room and perfect for mixing and mastering.

Spacious proportions make being creative a joy. Band members can all fit comfortably and even more importantly they can record while being able to get feedback from the producer/ recording engineer and band members.

Perfect setting for making records in a comfortable, professional environment with no distractions.

Ithaca is just 14 miles away when you’re ready to get back to local attractions.

Live room - 22' 4" X 11' 9&1/2"

Adjacent to the control room is the perfect space for recording overdubs. Designed with making records in mind, it shares many features with the control room.