Pre-Production Is The Key To Efficient Recording Sessions

Whether you’re an experienced professional or getting ready for your first recording session, taking the time to prepare before you record can save you time, money and help you get the results you want in the studio. These pre-production tips can help you achieve efficient and productive recording sessions:

  • Decide tempos for songs you plan to record.
  • Rehearse songs with drummer using a click track at chosen tempo.
  • Record rehearsals leading up to your recording session. Elect a band member responsible for reviewing the rehearsal recordings and taking notes. (It would be best if all members listened to each rehearsal recording).
  • If there are band members who both sing and play an instrument on a song, decide if they are going to do both during the recording session or if they’re going to track vocals separately. It may be necessary to rehearse a song without singing so that the band gets used to playing without the vocals. Other options will be available in the studio.

Tips for saving time and money in the recording studio:

  1. Record songs with the same instrumentation back-to-back. This will reduce set-up and tear-down times and allows headphone mixes / preamp settings / guitar amp settings / microphones to remain intact. Example: If you only have two out of ten songs with acoustic guitar, record those two songs back-to-back.
  2. After basic tracking, record the guitars and bass overdubs the same day. Maybe even lead vocals.
  3. Limit back-up vocals. If all your band members sing back-ups live on songs you’re recording, consider if all voices are really needed on the studio recording. Can your band’s experienced singers cover the for your band’s less-experienced singers? Consider the level of each band member’s singing abilities before committing to taking the time (and spending money) to record their voice in the studio.
  4. Don’t bring unneeded mounted and floor toms for the drum set unless you really plan on using them in the songs.