Vocal Health

Great technique is the basis for a healthy voice

Most of us have crammed for exams. And, while we may have passed that important test, we probably didn’t retain most of the information. Similarly, many singers cram for studio sessions only to be dissappointed with the results or unable to recreate live what they did in the studio.

Regardless of the style of music you sing, one of the best investments you can make in your long-term vocal health is learning a proven and healthy vocal technique. Per voice trainer Kate DeVore: “Improper technique can lead to vocal injuries, which can be annoying and limiting at best and career-ending at worst. Most common vocal injuries (nodules, polyps, bruising, swelling) are caused at least in part by the vocal chords slamming together too hard when we speak, sing, shout, scream, wail, keen, sob and so forth. There are ways to do all of those things healthily, which ensures that a performer will have a flexible voice to last through his or her career.”

Rather than cramming for important vocal sessions and performances, making a long-term commitment to learning and practicing a healthy vocal technique is an investment that will produce long-lasting results. To quote vocal expert Mary Hammond, “Technique frees the imagination. The better, more solid and more unconscious the technique, the freer the performer is to grow, explore and mature."

Root Cellar Music Studio's favorite vocal technique and style program is Brett Manning’s Singing Success.

Vocal Straw Exercise

Whether you are getting over a cold, suffering from allergies or just need a great warm-up, the vocal straw exercise is a safe and effective technique to relieve a tired voice as well as stretch and un-press the vocal folds. Watch this video demonstration by Professor Ingo Titze to learn more about this fun and easy theraputic vocal exercise.

Michael Jackson Vocalizing With Seth Riggs

It’s well-known that Michael Jackson’s great voice teacher Seth Riggs would often warm Michael’s voice up as many as three times a day when Michael was touring. We love hearing Michael sing the same scales on different vowels that we practice! Listening to Seth Riggs take the great voice of Michael Jackson through these scales underscores the importance of great technique for a healthy voice.