Vocal Production

Bruce Swedien’s tips on mics, effects and unleashing a memorable vocal performance

Michael Jackson’s vocal performances in the studio are legendary, and Bruce Swedien recorded many of Michael Jackson’s greatest records. Who better to get tips about getting a great vocal performance in the studio than from living audio legend Bruce Swedien? 

He sites the most famous signal chain as Michael Jackson’s Thriller: SM7 (Root Celler has an SM7 in our mic locker!) into Neve 1084 into Urei 1176 (RCMS has 16 1176s built into our Universal Audio mic pres) compressor into multi-track. Read more in this interview with Bruce Swedien on voicecouncil.com. http://voicecouncil.com/the-man-who-recorded-thriller-speaks-to-singers/

Studio technique from the man who recorded Michael Jackson

Here at Root Cellar Music Studio, we can’t get enough of Bruce Swedien’s recording tips. He made so many great sounding records with Michael Jackson, so we’re always studying up on the tips and tricks he generously shares so we can pass them on to our clients’ projects. Read more on what he says about studio mic technique here: http://voicecouncil.com/studio-mic-technique-from-the-man-who-recorded-michael-jackson/